Triumph Poem

If you can sing,
When there is no song in your heart;
If you can keep on being loving, lovable, and lovely,
When those who should be loving you are blind;
If you can hold a lifted brow,
Despite the weights your shoulders cannot beat–
There is benediction there
For you to share.

If you can carry on dry-eyed
While your heart is drowning
In a deluge of tears;
If you can keep on going,
When the pain in you is just too great,
And your soul is shaken with hopeless anguish,
And your suffering, ache-filled body wants to slump;
If you can keep on going–
And keep on going…

When nerves and blood and muscle scream and sob
With the injustice and unholy ways
Of those who should be warm and just, but can’t be,
Because the abysmal holds for them more lure
Than the celestial–
Why, God?

But, if you can tilt your cheeks, sunward,
Keeping your eyes filled with spiritual light and message,
And coax a skip of childlike rhythm
Into your lagging walk–
And lift your best foot forward,
As though you had no care–
There is benediction there
For you to share.

-Virginia Stillman

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    • Lee
    • May 29, 2011

    Wow, this is an amazing poem. If this is how I feel today then reading this piece gives me strength to go on. I am indeed humbled by the words. A gift of words that came to be in a time my heart and soul needed to be freed. Thank you Shawn!

    • viona
    • May 30, 2011


    • sally
    • June 18, 2011

    Dear Shawn,

    Awesome! If one could do such thing in a given situation – it really is a real triumph to oneself. Thanks Shawn!

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