Why Do We Fail?

why do we fail?
Not sure where exactly I found this, but I’ve had it written down for years & years.  Seems to be from some old publication called “Scraps O’ Sunshine”.

Many times we read rules on success.  That is right–better talk winning than losing.  But there is an oracle on failure which young people who are about to launch out into the world will do well to heed.  Here are ten everyday and easily understood reasons for the failures of many young people to win out in the varied forms of making a living:

1. Carelessness relative to details

2. Tardiness

3. Lack of courtesy

4. Big I am

5. Unwillingness to take advice

6. Too dependent on advice

7. No self-mastery

8. Evil habits

9. Fear

10. Scatter-brained approach to work

-“Scraps O’ Sunshine”

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  1. i’ve failed bcs of a few of the above. thanks Shawn for everything your quotes really motivate me daily!!!!

  2. Hi Shawn,

    Great reasons why people should take heed…..
    There is no easy path to success.
    It takes allot of effort, perseverance
    and sacrifice to become successful.

    Take care always….

  3. Hey Shaun, you’ve actually been my mentor since the stuff you send me really helps me in being a better person!Thanks a million!:)