Do Your Best In All Circumstances

Do Your Best In All Circumstances
Life is complete mystery and puzzle. It presents to us a host of opportunities to make or break our present and future. It offers to all of us 1440 minutes each day to be the best we can be and to do the best that we can do in all given circumstances.

Life gives us the leeway and freedom to make our choices whether wise or unwise, good or bad. We choose our friends, mentors, professions and the overall destiny in our lives. The bottom line is that we approach our daily moments with little devotion, little commitment, little dedication…little everything.

We sometimes adopt an ad-hoc approach in issues that insert real meaning and impact in our lives. We are half-hearted in matters poised to catapult us to higher altitudes of success. We often ignore the fact that if anything is to happen in our lives, it will depend on us.

The house you build will only be as strong and splendid as your choice of raw materials and finishing touches. Apparently, we sometimes build our houses with weak materials and apply poor finishing touches forgetting that the houses are our shelters for a lifetime.

You should give the best of your masonry skills in the building of your house. Any shoddy work is unacceptable. Your precious life requires the same attention and care if it is to serve you well in the future. It is disgusting to regret for the deposits you make in your life. Give it your best shot in all circumstances.

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    • trudy
    • May 6, 2009

    I totally agree, half-heartedly done work is almost no work ayt all. I heard a great quote the other day that says, “Even the simplest of jobs can look so hard if done half-heartedly.” I believe in this Life we are called to live at our best and we owe it to the nature around us too.

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