Six Witty Quotes and Commentaries

Guest Post: Six Witty Quotes and Commentaries – For Your Inspiration and Comfort

By: Greck

Witty and inspirational thoughts and ideas helped me many times in tough situations and in serious hardships.  These might, hopefully, help you in one or another way.

Just don’t take it deep into your heart. If you take something, you will most probably want to keep it. And you cannot retain anything.
(E. M. Remarque)

Someone also said that a strong attachment is the best way to stop developing oneself. Our life is a constant progress and movement and we should move on with our lives despite our problems and trials. To some it might be some fatal sickness, to others – a loss of a loved one. I know, it is very hard to get loose of someone who was very close to you. One has to live with all the  memories tearing the heart apart. However, when he or she is gone, you have to move on – it’s what he would wish for you.

The one who finds new in old things is worthy to be a teacher. (Confucius)

Our life is full of revelations and new things, even though we might not be able notice it. You can look at the same diamond from different angles and it’s going to shine in different colors. The same stone will look different. Our lives can be a series of discoveries and revelations and it’s up to us, whether we are open to it or close our eyes and hearts. That’s what a true teacher does – he shows it to those who are not able to see.

The longer I study the depths of the universe and its architecture details, the more proofs I find that the universe knew in some way that we were going to appear.
(F. Dyson).

The famous scientist Einstein, who came up with the relativity theory, also said that the harmony of the universe architecture is too obvious and leading to the idea, that it must have been created. Scientists are still guessing how was is possible for the Earth to appear the way it is now – as a mind blowing perfect life oasis in the limitless cold and rigorous universe. They are also making theories about the existence of a humankind. Even though the classical thought of the amebic origin prevails, I try to keep to the idea that someone far greater, powerful and wise (God) made us not only for a purpose of pure existence, but also for a particular calling.


If you want to rule peacefully, you have to surround yourself with the love of the nation rather than weapons. (Periander)

I could not agree with it more. You don’t have to look very far – just a few decades ago Stalin was a leader of a Russian nation. The whole nation was filled with fear, tyranny, oppression and torture. The ones who did not obey were sent to Siberia, concentration camps, killed in prisons or tortured. If Stalin ever considered any of his comrades a traitor, a poor man would be killed or exiled the next day without any court trial. On the other hand, he must have been a very lonely and unhappy man. Life is not easy, when there is no one to trust and everyone looks like a potential enemy.


We find in life what we give to it. (R. V. Emmerson)

Give and it shall be given to you. You will reap what you sow. Many quotes of this kind you can find in the Bible. The principle works everywhere – in business, marriage, health – you name it. The more we give, the more we can take. The less we sacrifice, the less we can take. It’s up to us to decide what and to what extend should we give. I always like to think of my life as a river. It always has to flow to sustain life and it always has to give some water to get some water. If it was not giving anything, it would soon become a swamp.


I will speak badly of no men, but I will tell every good deed I know about everyone. (B. Franklin)

It is in our nature to slander and defame each other. There is not one human who is absolutely blameless and pure. We are all wicked in one way or another, but there is one particular action which is disgusting in any way you think about it. The Bible tells that scandal is like honey to men, though it becomes sour in their stomach, once they swallow (say) it. We are humans, after all, and the only way to stop the bad talk is realizing what consequences the backbiting has. Imagine that it was you, who was being talked about behind your back. Not a very comfortable feeling, is it?

I suggest reading daily at least few motivational quotes and even funny quotes to brighten up your day. They were written by personalities, the ones who made a difference in their lives and history. They, surely, would have something to teach us.

Guest post done by: Greck

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    • Tatiana Kudryvtseva
    • June 21, 2011

    What you say abour Stalin is a stereotype created by propaganda.
    The whole Russian nation was NOT filled with Fear, tyranny, oppression and torture when Stalin was the leader of the USSR. The number of people in prisons was no more than there are now in the USA. Stalin led USSR people to the victory in war and did a lot to make life of simple workers better. I know, my grandparents lived then.

    • sally
    • June 21, 2011

    Just don’t take it deep into your heart. If you take something, you will most probably want to keep it. And you cannot retain anything. (E. M. Remarque)- i like this quote the most

    • Author
    • June 22, 2011

    Thank you all about your commentaries, I appreciate it.

    Considering Stalin… I don’t know about prisons in USSR, but I know a lot about Siberia. In 1940 – 1960 one third of my country was sent there (exiled) without any opportunity to ever return. It was “good” old Stalin prerogative. The rest were living in fear, since anyone could lose his job, career, family and could be sent there for any ridiculous reason. For example, if he through a farewell party to a colleague Jew who was leaving USSR and returning to Israel, he would have been interrogated the next day in KGB headquarters. I know, because it happened to my grandmother. Thousands were spied upon and slandered for almost any reason without any proof. The ones who resisted the occupation were, of course, brutally murdered in front of their families. I am not even talking about a free speech – it was nonexistent. And you know what? Simple workers, as you say, were brought from Russia to fill in the places of those who were sent to Siberia. They were not very intelligent and bright people, comparing to those who were exiled. Most of those „simple workers“ still can’t speak in the language of my nation though they have been living there for almost 40 years. Oh, I almost forgot one more thing out of thousand other things. Vodka was very cheap and was used anywhere from the lowest to the top levels of the nation. Russian leaders thought that a befuddled nation is better to rule. We are still fighting against this curse, though the new generation is already much better, thank God. Should I go on? I believe enough is said.

    • Lee
    • June 22, 2011

    Hello Shawn,
    Great thoughts to consider. Thank you for sharing. How wonderful it is that we have the freedom of choice in our thoughts words and deeds. Many battles have been fought to gain this freedom, yet there are still many who do not have that choice, who are powerless, live in an oppressed society, all their human rights taken away. We have gained so much knowledge, so many lessons have been learned since the world began yet innocent people still suffer, go hungry, are tortured, killed for no other reason then the value of their life is obsolete to those who hold power.

    • Valeri Rands
    • December 3, 2011

    Isn’t it amazing how much our industry has changed in just a year …I love all my “stuff” !

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