Ten Questions Parents Should Answer Correctly

10 questions parents
Ten Questions Parents Should Answer Correctly If They Want Their Children To Have Confidence In Them:

1) Are you babying the child rather than encouraging him to do things for himself?

2) Are you making his life tense rather than relaxed?

3) Are you giving out more disapproval than praise?

4) Are you pushing the child beyond his abilities rather than realizing his limitations?

5) Are you aloof rather than friendly with the child?

6) Are you riding the child on his weaknesses rather than trying to improve them?

7) Are you holding up a superior child as an example rather than comparing the child to someone nearer his own abilities?

8) Are you setting an “I can’t” example rather than exhibiting self-sufficiency yourself?

9) Are you overly protecting the child rather than teaching him responsibility?

10) Are you letting the child withdraw from situations he should be made to face?

-B. Von Haller Gilmer

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    • Lee
    • July 26, 2011

    Hi Shawn,

    Children are such a precious gift, the most important thing in their lives is to know they are loved, protected so they feel safe, and to always know that the people they trust will support them on their journey through life. To never fear their parents, to be able to come to them whenever there is something worrying them.

    Parents need to guide their children in the right direction, encourage them to try new things by letting them know how proud they are of them. Never let them feel ashamed if they cannot complete a task or fail to come first. Teach then to be proud of the fact that they tried their best. Let your love be unconditional. Make sure you make time for your children, they grow up so fast. Watching children grow is an amazing experience, you learn so many things through their eyes. These are just my thoughts.

    Those questions above are very important guidelines, thank you Shawn for posting them. Wishing you a wonderful day…..

    1. Reply

      Thanks Lee, hoping you have a great day too. It’s a long weekend here in Canada, so we’re just trying to decide what to do. The current plan is to go to the Peterborough Art Gallery and then go-carting. Considering this blog post and your helpful comments, I hope I can be a good parent all weekend!

        • Lee
        • August 5, 2011

        Hi Shawn,
        I am sure you will be a wonderful parent, love is such an important ingredient in everything we do with our children. As long as they always feel loved they will grow up to be amazing people.

        Take care always, Lee

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