Two Kinds of People

Two Kinds of People
There are only two kinds of people on earth today
Two kinds of people, no more I say.

Not the rich and the poor, for to know a man’s wealth
You must first know the state of his conscience and health,

Not the happy and sad, for in life’s passing years,
Each has his laughter and each has his tears.

No, the two kinds of people on earth I mean
Are the people who lift and the people who lean.

In which class are you? Are you lifting the load
Of some overtaxed lifter who’s going down the road

Or are you a leaner who lets others share
Your portion of toil and labor and care?

-Ella Wheeler Willcox

Why did you think?  Does this poem remind you to stop being such a meanie?

Are you lifting someone’s load?  Or are you a “leaner”?



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    • Rachel
    • August 15, 2009

    Interesting definition, What happened to leaders and followers?

    • Lee
    • March 16, 2010

    I suppose you can say there are those that give of themselves to all those in need, hoping in turn those that receive will pass on the gift to others they meet in need.

    Sadly the world is not perfect and many just take, too self absorbed to ever think of helping others, they believe their needs are far more important.

    The gift of sharing, caring and loving is free, so why not give these wonderful gifts and bring a smile to someone’s face, leaving a lasting memory of joy.

    Why do we value materialistic things more the human life, the earth and all of its creation? It seems like it is the simple things we don’t give a thought too.

    • Laurie Vowels
    • March 19, 2010

    I like this poem, it’s a keeper. I don’t think I’m a leaner, I like to do things on my own, if it’s a challenge, that’s life. Very uplifting Shawn.

    • MS KAY
    • April 16, 2011

    Love this LIFTER – LEANER poem, I definitely gotta post this to my facebook/twitter account, hopefully the leaners will see themself in this and become lifters!

    • EJ Hunter
    • June 8, 2011

    I remember an old boss that I had who used to say ‘if you have time to lean, you have time to clean’ I can’t help but put it with this one that you’ve got here. Thank you for giving me some thought to the day.

    • Bridget
    • June 8, 2011

    I know that this True I am a Loader, whit the weight of the world because to bare too many leaners you see they don’t know any better this country raised them to be lazy instead of to be FREE just like me Simply B

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