How Do You Tackle Your Work?

By Edgar A. Guest How do you tackle your work each day? Are you scared of the job you find? Do you grapple the task that comes your way With a confident, easy mind? Do you stand right up to the work ahead Or fearfully pause to view it? Do you start to toil with a sense of dread Or feel … Continue reading

Worth While

It is easy enough to be pleasant, When life flows by like a song, But the man worth while is one who will smile, When everything goes dead wrong. For the test of the heart is trouble, And it always comes with the years, And the smile that is worth the praises of earth Is the smile that shines … Continue reading


Fate handed the quitter a bump, and he dropped;The road seemed too rough to go, so he stopped.He thought of his hurt, and there came to his mindThe easier path he was leaving behind."Oh, it's all much too hard," said the quitter right then;"I'll stop where I am and not try it again."He sat by the … Continue reading

A Stranger “The Reverence Poem”

"The Reverence Poem" A Stranger stood by the old Church door, His clothes were old and worn; His shoes were scuffed and the soles were loose, His coat was ragged and torn. I paused as I saw him standing there, His hair was thin and gray, And I wondered, "Should I ask this man To come … Continue reading

It Isn’t the Church – It’s You

If you want to have the kind of a church Like the kind of a church you like, You needn't slip your clothes in a grip And start on a long, long hike. You'll only find what you left behind, For there's nothing really new. It's a knock at yourself when you knock your church; It isn't the … Continue reading